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Shards & Ashes – Anthology

Story 1: Hearken – Veronica Roth

This was quite an interesting short story.  Here life and death can be heard like a song, by special people.  This story is centered around Darya.  She is one of these special people, who needs to choose to hear either life or death songs.  I enjoyed this story.  It was different and surprising, which is always a good thing.  I really would have liked this to be a full stand-alone novel, as there are so many unanswered questions.  This could become a wonderful story of life, loss, love, and survival.

Story 2: Branded – Kelley Armstrong

Supernaturals are real, found out, and hybrids are made with their DNA.  These hybrids break out and turn on the humans.  To survive, the humans isolated themselves in small encampments.  Here, we follow Rayne, who falls for Breaden.  Breaden is a werewolf.  He gets found out, branded, and exiled.  She then escapes…  Well written, thoroughly thought through and smart.  This story has a beginning, middle and end; however, there can definitely be added to the story.

Story 3: Necklace of Raindrops – Margaret Stohl

This story follows three narrators: Rama, Jai (his sister), and Z (a friend of Rama).  In this world life is measured by raindrops on a necklace.  When these raindrops are gone, your life is over.  To me, this story was confusing and complicated.  I had a hard time reading this story.  The ending made some sense, but by then I had lost complete interest.  Could have been written better, or made more clear.

Story 4: Dogsbody – Rachel Caine

From the exceptional writer of the Morganville Vampires series, this is the story I really sunk my teeth into.  Following Zay (Xavier Gray), this story had twists and turns, was enjoyable, unpredictable, and the ending was definitely not what I had hoped.  Perfectly ended, with no further answers needed.

More to follow soon…


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