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Buying Books

Have you ever spent hours to find the perfect list of books to acquire next, to ensure that you have high-quality novels to add to your ever-growing collection?

You read blogs and reviews, do your homework, check your bookshelf to ensure you find upcoming sequels that you just must have…

And then, with your list and the best intentions ever, you set out to the best bookstore to find these books. You walk in. The smell of books excite you, making your palms sweat in anticipation. You move closer to your favorite section of shelves. Smiling, you run your hand over the spines of the closest books, eyes shiny.

Then you spot a title/cover/word/phrase that stops all thought and your good intentions evaporate.  Your list flutters to the floor… Books find their way into your hands, somehow, as if by magic of the purest kind. Adrenaline surges through your veins, and you become a hunter seeking the best finds; the books that will transport you into the lives of unknown characters’ lives to love/hate/envy/yell at/even cry for…

Deflated, you enter your home, realising the good intentions you left with and the hours you wasted working on your list of ‘perfect books‘ were all for nothing. As you unpack your new additions and introduce them to the family, you swear that next time you’ll do better.

Next time you’ll be better!

Guys, if this is you let me know?  What is your book buying weakness?  Covers are mine! I literally shop with my eyes…

Love always,




Creativity is my passion, and I have been told that my soul is old, and my body young... Dunno if that is true, but... Anyhoe, gonna start with book reviews, and hauls of the new books I acquire. Maybe if I am better with this blogging thing, I'll expand...

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