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Shards & Ashes – Anthology

So, the last of the stories are finally done.  Don’t know why, but I did not really want to finish this book.  It was not boring, however, I guess I don’t really enjoy short stories… 

Story 5: Pale Rider – Nancy Holder

We follow the story of Dana, as she learns about herself, her past and her family’s past.  She finds her purpose, and then the story ends.  Just like that…  I really wanted more from this story.  I was intrigued by the idea and direction of this story.  This will be the perfect story for a small series, with intertwining worlds, magic, and conflicts to solve.  The best story yet in this book.

Story 6: Corpse Eaters – Melissa Marr

Where to begin? Ok, this story is centered around Harmony and Chris.  A god comes to earth, bringing reptilian-like humans called Nidos, who serve him.  He thrives on human corpses and grows stronger as humans believe in him, or even just think of him.  The lead characters fight back, killing these Nidos.  After a twist in this story, Harmony finally makes a choice for herself and Chris, that could save them. Yes, this was an epic, fast-paced story, with just enough background to enhance the overall ending.  I rooted for survival, and love, even hoping for a better future for these characters.  Amazing! Need more…

Story 7: Burn 3 – Kami Garcia

Well, this was not at all the story I thought it would be when I started reading.  We follow Phoenix in a world where pollution destroyed the ozone layer so badly that huge holes were created.  This causes people to burn horribly in the sun, and metals to even melt.  In this world, Phoenix’s sister is kidnapped, and she sets out to find her.  Gripping from the start.  This is another story which could become an interesting stand-alone story.  This world, its uniqueness, could make for an unending series, in which so much could happen.  Wished for more…

Story 8: Love is a choice – Beth Revis

This story follows a man, who is named Orion, but that is not his real name.  He asked questions which made the ruler of a spaceship-world angry.  So much so, that he was almost killed.  He lived, hiding away until he decided to do something to make this ‘home’ a better place.  Well written, good story.  Bit slow paced at times, yet still worth the read.  The character development was good, but not exceptionally strong.  However, had the story continued, I could see a bigger plot which would combine love, war, life and even politics.  Could be worth looking into…

Story 9: Miasma – Carrie Ryan

Swamps created toxic fumes, that held a deadly plague.  Beaked doctors has animals that could sniff out the sick.  These sick people would be taken and become ‘feed’ for these animals when they are really sick.  Frankie’s mom was taken.  Frankie then took her mom’s work to find some way to hold off the doctor’s from taking her sister, Cathy.  Very interesting plot, well-developed characters, and I sure did not see the ending coming.  In the end, love won in this story…  Enough said!

Quite a good book and the writers are really well known.  Makes for a good, easy read.  Procrastinating does not work in my favor though…  



Creativity is my passion, and I have been told that my soul is old, and my body young... Dunno if that is true, but... Anyhoe, gonna start with book reviews, and hauls of the new books I acquire. Maybe if I am better with this blogging thing, I'll expand...

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