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Hey, guys,  this seems to be my reading month.  I have already read and finished four books this month.  There is still a lot to read on my TBR list, and I am looking forward to each one of them.  Next to be read is City of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare…


Book – Unenchanted

Author – Chanda Hahn

Series – An Unfortunate Fairy Tale

Publisher – Chanda Hahn

Genre – Young Adult, Fantasy, Fairy Tale


Three Stars

Well, I knew that this story revolved around the Grimm fairy tales, and since I am crazy about the Grimm fairy tales, I had hoped that this would be amazing.  The story line was well thought out and the fairy tales was translated to modern times.

The pace was a bit slow at times, and this distracted from the story a lot.  Also, the curse was not as central off a theme for this book, than what I would have liked.  As there is mention that Mina needs to get through over 200 stories, it is doubtful that she can when she only finishes 2 stories in the first book.  The emphasis of Mina’s insecurity and her best friend Nan’s Twitter and iPhone is sometimes too much, and highly unnecessary.

Mina did grow a bit, and the romance in this book did not distract much, but rather added a bit to the story.  I was rooting for Mina to fall for Jared, because he challenges her, whereas Brody only wants to protect her and then gets in the way of her destiny.

There were some grammatical errors in this book, however, this did not distract much from the story.  The characters were a bit one-dimensional, but the plot made up for that a bit.  Also, the most well-known ideas were incorporated into the story, like the sort-of love triangle.

I will want to read the rest of the books since the idea really appealed to my love of fairy tales.  Will keep you posted…

Love Always,



Creativity is my passion, and I have been told that my soul is old, and my body young... Dunno if that is true, but... Anyhoe, gonna start with book reviews, and hauls of the new books I acquire. Maybe if I am better with this blogging thing, I'll expand...

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