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A Right to Remain

Book – A Right to Remain
Author – Beth Rinyu
Genre – Romantic Suspense

Complimentary copy generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.



Morning wonderful people.  This was one cold weekend, for some reason, although it is supposed to be spring.  The good thing about the weather is that it was so cold, I didn’t go anywhere and I finished reading the book.  Yay! *Cuddle weather*

Where to start…  Well, this was another romance, was what I thought when I started reading this novel and continued to think of the first 6 chapters.  As the story progressed I soon realized that there is some suspense included in this novel.

The story lines intertwined so seamlessly.  There were some slow paced parts where it seemed like ‘fillers’ were added to add to the suspense of what is to come.  This sometimes deterred from the reading progress.  But the overall story was really well thought out.

I love Quinn, the main male character, and Lacey’s romance.  This was the main reason why I kept reading at the start.  I just had to know if they ended up together.  Sara irritated me and I still cannot believe how naive she was to think Quinn would stay with her!  I mean, what the hell was she thinking??

Then there was Adam…  I cannot stand him whatsoever after I realized what his role in this novel is.  He is the biggest hypocrite in this novel.  Ranting on the inside!!

This is a really great novel for those who enjoy romantic suspense novels, and if you like this genre, I would highly suggest you pick this book up.

Love Always,



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