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The Portal to Kerberos

Finished another book today.  The fourth book in the Elementals series, The Portal to Kerberos.  Let’s do this…


Book – The Portal to Kerberos

Author – Michelle Madow

Series – The Elementals

Publisher – Dreamscape Publishing

Genre – Young Adult, Paranormal, Mythology

Complimentary copy generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.



This book was enjoyable.  The overall read was fast and easy.  Let me just mention that if I had not worked, I would have finished reading this book in one day.  This is more of a bridge between book 3 and 5 if I had to guess than I book in its own right.

Danielle definitely grew the most in this novel, getting more confident in herself and her abilities.  Nicole still feels a bit childish and naive, given that she is supposed to lead the group and make the hard choice, which is really worrisome to me.  Blake, he certainly has a huge chunk of this book in the background (off the pages), but in the end, I really worried before the conclusion of the book that he really was (umm, cannot say that).  Chris played his biggest role yet in the series thus far, being a more integral part of the plot.  The betrayal in this book was kinda foreseen (for me), but not to the extent that it was…  Erebus, hmmm, well he was a great character and I really hope we see more of him in the next book.  His connection with Danielle could be just the thing I asked for in my previous review (here’s hoping)…

The world-building in this book was exceptional, it felt like I was right there with the characters through the entire journey in Kerberos (the prison world of the Titans).  The addition of the greek mythology creatures was incredible – the trolls, merpeople, centaurs, dragons, primordial deities, foxes, and other creatures…

The writing could still improve, however, I cannot wait to read the conclusion to this series.  The investment of time and love n writing the books is clear and we, as the readers, enjoy every minute of the journey through the novels.

Until next time…

Love Always,



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