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The Dating Intervention



Book – The Dating Intervention

Author – Hilary Dartt

Series – The Interventions Series

Publisher – Darttboard Creative Writing LLC

Genre – Adult Romance





Delaney Collins’s intuition is always right on. The trouble is, she never listens to it – especially when it comes to men. So when her fail-proof dating system fails completely, her best friends, Summer and Josie, stage The Dating Intervention, in which they take control of her dating life. Although she struggles to follow the rules they set out for her, her intuition tells her that if she doesn’t, she may end up alone and forever lonely in a sea of men with stained neckties and cumbersome baggage.

If you have been reading my posts regularly, you’d know that I am not the biggest fan of romance novels.  However, this novel was a pleasant surprise.

This novel was romantic, with some humor. The book cover drew me in, and I wanted to know what the book was about.  It was easy and fun to read this novel.  Something was always happening, even in the slower parts of the plot. I think what drew me in about this book, was that Hilary made the female lead, Delaney, real and relatable.  She had flaws, and these flaws didn’t magically go away halfway through the book.  The romance was not perfect and you could find at least one aspect of her in yourself.


The friendship between Delaney, Josie, and Summer was so heartwarming.  They supported each other, and again – not perfect.  They fought and made up, hated each other every now and then, and also loved each other.

By the last few chapters, I was really rooting for Delaney and her prince to really find each other and I was scared that it wouldn’t happen at one point.  The end results created for this plot was perfectly written.  I had no idea whether the ending would be a happy one or not.

There were some moments where I laughed and somewhere I yelled at Delaney. A book that is written in such a way that the reader interacts with the characters, makes reading more worth it.

Hilary’s writing is real, honest and true.  She creates characters that feel like real people and make us invest time and patience into these characters.  Love it!

Well, what do you think?  Would you want to pick up this book and, if so, why?  Hope to hear from you guys.  Also, what romance novel do you love?

Love Always,



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