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The Marriage Intervention


Book – The Marriage Intervention

Author – Hilary Dartt

Series – The Interventions series

Publisher – Darttboard Creative Writing, LLC

Genre – Adult Romance





If Josie Garcia’s marriage were on the rocks, at least she could drink it like a vodka cranberry. Things are much worse than that. Lately, she and her husband Paul clash like peanut butter and pickles. To help repair her marriage, Josie’s best friends Delaney and Summer stage The Marriage Intervention, creating a set of rules designed to reignite the flame between Josie and Paul. The trouble is, Josie’s ex-lover (and current boss), Scott, is making things really hot at work. Scott has always been a secret-keeper, and now it’s Josie’s turn. Being a secret-keeper may cost Josie her marriage.

Oh, the feels.  This book follows Josie when her marriage falls apart.  She blames her husband and his work for this, however, she eventually realises that she is to blame too. And then everything falls into place, enabling her to repair her marriage.

This cover is sweet and romantic.  The story was pretty straight forward.  The plot developed well and there were no unnecessary filler parts in this plot.

Here’s the thing; books don’t really have the ability to make me cry.  This is not so much a sad novel, but there is one part where I had to hold back tears (a few escaped).  I loved this book and can relate to her more, because of the direction she takes in working through her problems, accepting blame and correcting her mistakes.  She didn’t give up, even when she was knocked down so far, it was painful to get back up.

An easy, fast-paced, beautiful story about love, life, and how we sometimes get in the way of our own happiness.

Next, I’ll be reading The Motherhood Intervention, the last installment in the series.  I am certain that Delaney, Josie, and Summer will stay with me for a while.  I invested a good two weeks on them and loved ever second of it.

Love Always,



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