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The Motherhood Intervention


Book – The Motherhood Intervention

Author – Hilary Dartt

Series – The Interventions series

Publisher – Darttboard Creative Writing, LLC

Genre – Adult Romance

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With her fifth child on the way and her son’s heart surgery just around the corner, Summer Gray is already approaching her breaking point.  Then her estranged mother shows up on her doorstep after fifteen years, claiming to want to rebuild their relationship.  While struggling to forgive her mother )who doesn’t seem to have changed) for years of neglect, Summer daydreams of contracting a semi-serious illness or suffering nearly-life-threatening injuries so she can get a hospital stay-cation.  Her friends Delaney and Josie stage The Motherhood Intervention, hoping to help Summer rediscover the life she loves and forgive her in the progress.

This book follows Summer’s life as she is pregnant with baby number five, stresses about her son’s impending surgery and has a health scare.  Then her estranged mother waltzes back into her life after fifteen years.

She needs to work through a lot of things that she had put off for years, not realizing the impact this had on her life until now.  Juggling the kids, work, her husband, her friends and her mom, Willow, was too much to handle for her.

Summer is portrayed as the perfect mother, mistakes/flaws and all.  She always puts everyone first, while maintaining the house and everyone’s schedules; neglecting herself to the point of endangering her health.

Derek is a supportive husband.  Even with worries of his own, he still makes time to be there for Summer and help her out.  She pushes him away, and they fight regularly, but he doesn’t give up on her once.

Obviously, Delaney (pregnant herself) and Josie starts The Motherhood Intervention in an attempt to help Summer cope with her life and somehow make time for herself, her husband and her friends.

Willow, Summer’s mom, is one of those characters you love to hate.  At first, she’d just get on your nerves and you want to punch her most of the time.  But then she grows and changes slowly, and you start seeing a side to her that wasn’t there before.

The romance in this book was just enough to entertain and enhance the overall feel and pace of the plot.

This book would be perfect for moms, moms to be and anyone who enjoys real-life romance stories, with some life lessons snuck in!

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