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Heartblaze Series


Book 1 – Vampire Soul

Author – Shay Roberts

Series – Heartblaze

Publisher – Snowfire Press

Genre – Paranormal Fantasy



Vampire Soul:

This is a paranormal book containing vampires, werewolves, witches and a secret organization that hunts these paranormal entities. The cover for this book are plain and to the point and pulls the eye of the reader.

There are multiple points of view for this novel – the main point of view is that of Emma Rue, a college student who attacks her college professor for reasons beyond her comprehension.  She flees and, desperate for answers, turns to her psychiatrist who tries hypnotic regression.  This backfires and opens her mind to a previous life as a vampire.

As she tries to understand the new life where she was a vampire, and what this has to do with her present life and ability, everything is turned upside down.  She is captured by a vampire of her previous life, escapes, then she goes back to him after he threatens the closest thing she has to family.

Then there is Stefan, a werewolf who is posing as a fellow student to Emma.  He develops feelings for Emma.  The secret organization whom Stefan works requests that Stefan capture Emma in order to kill her and stop that her soul reincarnates.


Julian St. Fleur is the 18th-century vampire who made Emma into a vampire.  He is the key to Emma’s past life, flowing into her present life.

This book has intrigue, mystery, romance, suspense, and twists and turns.  Most of the time you have no idea who is friend or foe, who is truthful and who is lying through their teeth.

Here we read about an underlying love triangle between Emma, Stefan, and Julian.  This is one triangle that we do not see coming, and it’s clearly one where the general rules do not apply.

The writing and plot are intense and you keep wanting more.  I finished this book in one day.  It was one of those *just one more page* reads where I didn’t even realize the book was over until it was over.  Was really upset about this.  And immediately bought book 2, almost done with this one too.

Please know that if you love anything supernatural, paranormal, suspenseful and with kickass characters, plot, romance, and intrigue; then you must read this series!


P.S.  There is a cliff-hanger ending…

So…  Please support the author, buy the book, read it, join in the happiness and love for the series, and bite your nails with me for book 2 & 3.  Review for book 2 should be up later this week.

Love Always,



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