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Heartblaze Series


Book 2 – Vampire Rising

Author – Shay Roberts

Series – Heartblaze

Publisher – Snowfire Press

Genre – Paranormal Fantasy



This book picks up where book 1 left off – right in the middle of the cliffhanger ending action.  We are introduced to a few more characters and we get a first person ‘pov’ of Rowan, a witch intent on the destruction of life as they know it – I think.  Rowan is portrayed as an old of mind, young (relatively) of body soul.  She is currently also the antagonist in this book.  Might I add that sometimes the bad guy is not always really the bad guy…

Emma faces herself changing into a vampire yet again, like in her past life as Cassandra.  In this book, she gets some insight into an even older version of her soul, through Hanna/Hanns (this will be explained).

Hanna is forced to pretend to be male to help her father keep his shop and means of income through teaching German fighting.  Hanna goes to a male-only school, lives as a boy, until her secret is discovered.

Julian, Emma’s soulmate, is trapped in a soul world called Memoria  Can Emma free him?  We’ll see, I guess…

KoR, the secret society who hunts and eliminates supernatural souls, take a step into the background in this book’s plot.  I am certain we haven’t seen the last of them, though…

There is also the appearance of Laurance, a vampire from Cassandra’s past life.  He is the vampire who took Cassandra under his wing as his apprentice.

heartblaze 2 savage steel shay roberts kattomic energy.jpg

Also, here we are introduced to were-bears – specifically Esben.  Still trying to figure out whether he can be trusted and if he is on the good side.

There is an odd change in Stefan after his wolf dies to save his life.  An odd spirit takes the place of his wolf, giving him weird abilities and it frightens him so much that he tries to distance himself from Emma to protect her from himself.

Romance in this book isn’t as prominent as in the first.  We do see some development between Emma and Stefan.  Most of the romance comes through Hanna and her life.

More than this, I refuse to say.  The world inside this one, created by Shay, is amazing and easy to get lost in.  Even though the ‘pov’ of the book jumps between characters, it’s easy to follow and keep track off.  I didn’t get overwhelmed by the main plot and sub-plots.

Clearly, I cannot wait for book 3 and I will be sure to let you know as soon as a release date is made available for this book, with a cover reveal *hopefully*!

Please read this series if you love paranormal books, this is so worth the read!!

Love Always



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