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Love Connection

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Book – Love Connection

Author – Camilla Isley

Series – First Comes Love Series

Publisher – Pink Bloom Press

Genre – Contemporary Romance




*Sigh* *Giddy happy laugh*  Oh, wow!  Damn!  I cannot… just can’t believe… a truly romantic book… AND I LOVED IT!

Ok, *deep breath*!  Have you ever read a romance novel, thinking *urg* cliche, been done too many time, please make it stop?  Well, this is one book that completely threw me for a loop.  It created those warm fuzzies in me, making me want to believe in true love.  Yep, TRUE LOVE!


This story follows Gemma – at the start, you find that she has an important choice between two plane tickets – and follow two story lines from there.  And it is somewhat of a rollercoaster ride from there.

She needs to choose between her best friends wedding and crashing her high school love’s wedding…  And here is the gist of it – both are really cliche-free…

The narrative from Gemma is fast-paced, hopeful, heartwarming, sweet and you really hope that she gets the man she really wants the entire book through.  She is relatable, with her own doubts and mistakes and you feel like she’s a friend by the end of the book.


You also get some insight to her bestie Amelia – who has her own problems with romance from the start.

In the end, let’s just say you need to read the book, to find out – ‘cuz I will not spoil this ending…

Camilla’s writing is straight-forward, easy to follow, and I couldn’t put this book down for the life of me.  I would so love to read more from her if my TBR-pile clears up!  *reserving my spot for early next year*!!

Well, what do you think?  Want to grab this book?

Link here:



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