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Don’t Judge A Book By Its Movie – Prompt Challenge

This is not something I’ve seen yet, and I am so interested in seeing what I can come up with for this one.

The original post was done by Don’t Judge A Book By Its Movie 2016 Blog and I got nominated by Word Junkie 427.  Please check out both these blogs, they are so unique and fun to read and explore…

Basically, how this works is, the blogger chooses a prompt for the nominees (there needs to be three) and they need to write a story based on, and including, that prompt.  The original prompt was:

“A couple of teenagers are crouched down, hidden in the shadows of a grimy viaduct. Searchlights are sweeping the streets, searching for them. They are out beyond curfew. Write up happens next.”

So, my prompt is:  

“I sunk your battleship.”, I whispered into the night.

So, let’s start…

Mom has locked herself in her room again.  I shuffle to the table, sit down and watch as another strike falls just short of my ship.  “Nope, sorry.  You’re still missing.”, I smile.  I’ve never had such a winning streak, before tonight.  I look intently at my board, certain I know where to place this peg.  I look up triumphantly.

“I sunk your battleship.”, I whispered into the night.

After that, my mom found me and started yelling that this is no time to be playing with my imaginary friend.  But he wasn’t imaginary and he was so mad when she said that.  He yelled!  I covered my ears with my hands, trying to block out the awful sound.  She was flung clean across the room, hitting the far wall with a loud thud.  I closed my eyes.  I didn’t want to see what happened next.

She was screaming, my mom…

That is the last thing I remember of that night.

Afterward, I was woken up by a policeman.   There was blood on the far wall and a small hand print, that was all I saw before he covered my eyes and led me outside. They never could explain what had happened that night.  The hand print was not mine.  All they knew was that there was no way that I could have done all that…

Image result for scary hand print

I want to find out what could have happened that night.  I studied criminology and paranormal activities, but nothing has been able to successfully explain that night.  I recently requested the old case file again and finally received the confirmation.

I walk up the stairs and into the dimly lit police office.  To the clerk at the front desk, I say:  “I’m here to see Detective Reece.”
“And your name is?”
“I’m Mary, Mary Whitemore.”
“Just a moment, please.”

“Miss Mary, you’ve grown up to become a beautiful young lady.  Give me a hug.”, Detective Reece has gotten gray and reminds me of a loving grandfather.  “Hallo, Detective.  How is it that, now, on the 15th anniversary of my mother’s death, that I get to see her file?  I have been asking for years now…” “I dunno kiddo, I was just as surprised as you were, when the confirmation came through.  Seems someone wants you to know, I guess.”

We head down the hall, catching up on general things.  We turn right into an interrogation room.  “Sorry bout this, this is the only open space we have.  You mind?”, he shrugs, knowing I wouldn’t mind in the slightest.  What I wanted was in the box on the table, waiting for me.  “No, thank you.”, I smile at him dismissively.  “I’ll leave you to it.”, with that he turns and stalks out, closing the door behind him.

Inhaling deeply, I lift the lid off the box.  A small cloud of dust floats up.  I peek inside and, taking another deep breath, I pull out the first thing.  In a small evidence bag is my mother’s favorite necklace – a tiny gold heart with a red crystal inside dangles on the chain.  Suddenly my knees give out, and I fall into the chair positioned behind me.  My breath hitches.  I thought this was lost.  I didn’t even know she was wearing it.  Why would she?  This belonged to my older sister, Lucy, who drowned when I was 4.

An instant pain flashes through my head, dislodging an old memory.  I must have just turned 4.  There is birthday candles, sixteen of them; Lucy is blowing them out.  I reach my hand towards the cake, but she slaps it and I start crying.  Mom yells at her, asking why she did that, but she just smiles and shrugs.

Then another, more painful, pain shears into my head, doubling me over with its intensity.  We’re at the lake, having a picnic on the bank.  Mom receives a call and gets up to answer it. Lucy wants the last cupcake, but I got it first.  She is mad, grabbing for it.  I scream and push her, and she pushes back harder.  I topple over and fall into the river.  Mom turns and sees me fall.  She saved me.

After she made sure I was okay, she sprinted to Lucy, grabbing her by the arm and dragging her into the lake.  She was pushing her head under the water. NO!  I ran to her, trying to get her away from Lucy, but I was too small to do anything.  She died.  Mom killed her!

I open my eyes, tears streaming down my face.  “Now you see why I had to do it?  She was drunk that night and she was going to hurt you.  Just like she hurt me…”,  I look up, startled.  She is sitting on the table, my imaginary friend.  “Lucy?”

I’d like to nominate:


My prompt:

A little girl is terrified of the monster under her bed, but what she doesn’t know is that the monster under her bed protects her from the real monsters – her parents!

Start with:  “Mommy!  Help me…”



Creativity is my passion, and I have been told that my soul is old, and my body young... Dunno if that is true, but... Anyhoe, gonna start with book reviews, and hauls of the new books I acquire. Maybe if I am better with this blogging thing, I'll expand...

14 thoughts on “Don’t Judge A Book By Its Movie – Prompt Challenge

      1. Lol well you definitely nailed it😜I personally don’t write anything with abuse or anything like that, I just don’t like it. But I know everyone is different, and I did like that the imaginary friend ended up being Lucy and I want to know why she’s just now getting to read her mothers file after fifteen years!🤔

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      2. My colleague at work read it too, and wanted to know if I would do a full novel of this idea, and expand on the story. But this gives me heart palpitations… I dunno if I would be able to. Maybe I’ll look into this next year, possibly?


  1. Thanks for nominating me. Cool story! I really like it. 🙂 So, do I write a short story using Mommy, help me? And is this supposed to be a story about an abused child? I don’t think that’s something I’d be able to write. I guess I’m just not sure how it works. And then do I come up with my own prompt for the people I tag or is there a list?

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