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Humbug: The Unwinding of Ebenezer Scrooge

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Book – Humbug: The Unwinding of Ebenezer Scrooge

Author – Tony Bertauski

Series – Clause (book 4)

Publisher – DeadPixel Publications

Expected Date – 15 November 2016

Genre – Christmas novel


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Ebenezer and Marley are the owners of a tech company called Avocado Inc.  This company started up in a small warehouse and was built into an empire, a multi-million-dollar company.  One half of the ownership, Marley, dies suddenly and the whole company is left to Ebenezer to run.  He is a shut-in for years and no-one has seen him in public for almost a decade.  He locked himself in his home – dubbed ‘Castle Scrooge’.  Eb has a public persona that is projected whenever anyone communicates with him.  When he is visited by his dead friend, Marley, on Christmas eve, he is left with a ‘gift’, from Marley.  This ‘gift’ returns each Christmas to plague him with his future, present and past.  He starts to believe that he has completely lost his mind, becoming more paranoid and lost.

I seemed to have started with my Christmas joy early this year.  And I really enjoyed this novel.  This is a retelling of the classic Christmas Carol, with a modern twist and ‘ghosts’ of Christmas future, present and past….

This is the fourth book in the Christmas series by Tony Bertauski, another Christmas retelling.  As I haven’t read any of the other novels in this series, I can confirm that this can be read as a standalone novel.  The use of technology in this book is brilliant and although we can communicate worldwide, we definitely do not do it like Scrooge does it! The driods in this book was well thought out and made the plot richer and more complex.

I could definitely see this book being turned into a movie and the isolated ‘Castle Scrooge’ imagary will make for an intense and lonely setting.

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and would recommend this as  a great holiday read to curl up with.  Maybe under a blanket, with some hot choco and your favorite cuddle buddy….

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