About Me & Review Policy

Hi, amazing book lovers (like me).  How are you?  Let me know about you.  I love getting to know you guys too…

I have learned so much since finally taking the plunge to start this blog.  The blogging community is the most amazing and supportive bunch ever (THANK YOU ALL)!

I work Mondays to Fridays.  I actually blog in working hours (maybe I shouldn’t confess this).  Blogging is addictive and I love it!

My reading love is Young Adult anything, preferably fiction/fantasy/fairy tale retelling/paranormal/thriller/horror – sometimes contemporary.  I am expanding this range with requests from authors and website book reviews, trying to step out of my comfort zone and maybe learn something about myself or expand my taste some more…

I love reading (obviously), baking (maybe I’ll upload a recipe or two one day), dancing (socially for now), my family and my cat (Tigger).

My name is Chrissie, since I am an undercover blonde and forgot to mention that sooner.  I have two brothers who tend to drive me nuts when they are not playing computer games (geeking out)!  

See, I am certain that, if I could, I would read every single day and read one book each day.  As it stands, I have two whole stacks of books that I have yet to read and a very large amount on my Kindle app too.  

Let me know if you have more personal questions that you would like answered?

P.S.  I will gladly read and review books from almost any genre – I do prefer young adult novels, though.

Love Always,

Reviewing Policy:

For authors and publishers who would like to request a review, please pop me an email at readwritereviewchris (@) gmail.com .

I accept ARC’s and finished copies – both in Kindle and as a physical copy (I’d love a physical copy or Audiobook).

My reviewing dates to apply will open January 2017.

The following will be included in my reviews:

  • Book Cover art
  • Synopsis
  • Amazon Link (to buy book)
  • An honest review
  • 5-star rating system
  • Genre
  • Any additional information the author/publisher ask to include
  • Art or a quote from the book, if possible

I will gladly dive into any genre, except:

  • Erotica
  • Autobiographies and Biographies

Please include the following in the request:

  • Cover
  • Summary
  • Release Date
  • Format available
  • Date for the review to be posted by, should you have one
  • Further relevant information/links
  • Art or favorite quotations – not necessary

Negotiations are always an option! ☺

I also do Beta Reading and editing – for inquiries, please e-mail: gerberchrissie123 (@) gmail.com

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