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Watercolor Bookish Printables

Hi Friends,

Here’s is another version of the bookish set made last week.  I’ll be explaining what I see each page working for…

These are available for purchase on Bid or Buy, see here:
CG Printables

Feel free to let me know if there are any specific printable pages you are looking for, and I’ll try to make some for you…

This is where you’ll note the name of all the blog posts you’re working on. When it is written and finished, tick it off.  Then, in editing, make sure of the spelling, grammar and so forth. When you’re ready, upload and write in the date of upload.

Book Blog

Here’s a book reading bingo that you can customise for what you like to read.

Book Reading Bingo 1

This one is another bingo page, be creative and show me your reading preferences.

Book Reading Bingo 2

Here I would choose Halloween books about witches, magic, supernatural creatures and dragons.

Book Reading Bingo 3

Read your books, rate it, and color in the book symbol when you’ve uploaded a review. Now you can keep track of what books you want to read next.

Books Read

A bookshelf for you to add your books you want to read, or just what books you’ve recently bought.


Make sure you keep track of what books you’ve bought, what books you’re most eager to read, and color in each book you’ve read and reviewed.

Medium Bookshelf

Keep track of the number of chapters left in the book you are currently reading.

Reading Chapter Count

Two bookshelves, containing 20 books in total. Use them in your journal.

Small Bookshelf

As always, leave a comment below, telling me which of these printables are your favorite and why.

Thank you for your support.

Love Always,

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Bookish Quotes

New bookish quotes printables, use for wall art, journaling cards, or decoration.

I want to give one of you guys a freebie – choose the quote you like the most.  Comment down below and I’ll send it to you…

When this printables take off, I’ll be sure to create my own website to sell these on.

These printables are available on Bid or Buy, and will be sent via email to you guys.
Follow this link for the printables:  Journal Printables

Here are the new bookish quotes:

Be a nerdBorn with a reading listDragons can be beatenDream in handLoyal friendParidise is a libraryRoom without booksShe reads booksSo many booksThousand livesTreasure in booksWords have the power

What is your favorite quote?  Maybe I will make one of them next…

Love Always,

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I’ve made some printables…

Bonus post today, just for you guys.

These printables are available on Bid or Buy, and will be sent via email to you guys.
Follow this link for the printables:  Journal Printables

Here is a look at what I’ve made so far:

This is a daily page set, with a to do checklist and deco.

Next is a decorative set, for your wall – or to use as journaling cards.

This is my favorite set, bohemian chic – a to do list, notes page and combination of the two.

Here is a feather set – with notes and two combo pages.

A scenic set with notes, to do and a combo page.

This is my basic pages, available now.

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These are my monthly 2018 layouts pages, one for each month.  You can add your goals, birthdays, what you need to remember for next month, payments to make and add notes.

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Next up is monthly covers for your journal/planner.  Customise it as you like, and send me a link – I’d love to see your creative designs.

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Quotes for your wall, desk, journal or planner.

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Seasonal markers.  I love autumn.

Lastly, some weekly spreads, for being creative and wanting something different.

That’s all for now, more to be released Friday, so keep an eye out for those.  Will be adding some bookish pages and more quote pages…

See ya soon,